Acting Career Course Eligibility Scope Salary

Acting Career Course Eligibility Scope Salary

An actor must be creative, good looking and have pleasing personality. An actor must have good communication skills, literacy and reading skills, memorization, physical stamina, persistence, discipline, dedication, and ability to communicate with a wide variety of people. If you have these qualities you can become a good actor.

Qualifications Required To Become An Actor

Short term or certificate courses take the duration of days to maximum six months and diploma courses takes the duration of 1 – 2 years. The Bachelor of arts in drama takes the duration of three years as the graduation degree programme. For Formal Training of acting you can join National School of Drama ( or some private institutes like Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares – The School for Actors ( 

Experience For An Actor

For an actor, Experience varies. Experiences help you to improve your skills and gain more recognition. Participating in college productions is an excellent way to bolster a resume and gain experience on stage or in front of a camera. It is important to keep copies of the recordings of these performances to show potential employers when auditioning for a role.

Many actors also start by participating in community theater productions. Others may choose to perform publicly at 'open mic' nights held by local venues. Performing in other public settings, such as nightclubs, dinner theaters or theme parks, can also help beginners get real world experience and help them become comfortable in front of an audience. 

Scope in Acting

It is an ample of job opportunity field but it is a more competitive field. You can start your career right from the Bollywood or TV channels. The TV channels are growing in order to the several popular TV serials, game show and reality shows.

There is no age bound to work in the acting field. You may be a child, young or old person. An actor may play a lead role in any serial as per the physical features and experience and skills. Beside the lead role he/she may play the side role, negative role or family or friend role.

A movie or serial or add is not the task of one person. To make a movie, more than 2000 people work as the vital role. And you may be out of them.
There is a good opportunity to work in Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood with various big banners and with various famous like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and many more.

Salary of An Actor

Salary of an actor or actress is decided by reputation, experience and work. Salary in this field is not fixed. In Bollywood, a movie lead actor has no bar of salary or payment. You know very well.
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