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Computer Hardware Engineer Career Course Eligibility Scope Salary

Computer Hardware Engineer Career Course Eligibility Scope Salary

Computer Hardware Engineer should be creative and have analytical, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
Computer Hardware Engineer must have updated awareness about new technologies. He must be flexible to work with new technology.

Work Of Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers use their expertise with chips, circuit boards and routers to work at the forefront of computer technology. 

A computer hardware engineering career may include working with scientists, the military, industries or commercial businesses.
A computer hardware engineer designs computer hardware – all the parts of a computer (whether it’s a desktop computer, a phone or a tiny computer inside something like a radio or kettle) that are physically built rather than written as computer code.
This job involves creating blueprints on a computer, testing the prototype computer parts, modifying them and overseeing their construction, as well as changing the way existing systems work so they can accept new software.

Education Requirement for Computer Engineering

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering provides the best preparation for working in computer hardware engineering.
A background in computer software systems serves a computer hardware engineer well. Some schools offer internships or co-ops to enable students to gain experience in computer hardware engineering.
Typically, a master’s degree in computer engineering makes candidates eligible for positions in larger firms or companies in specialized industries. A master’s degree in business administration also expands career opportunities for computer hardware engineers. 

Job Duties of Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Providing support to designers, marketing and sales departments and other team members.
  • Selecting hardware and materials
  • Staying current on advances in computer technology
  • Analyzing data and making recommendations on computer modifications
  • Directing technicians, engineering designers or other tech support personnel
  • Testing and verifying hardware and various peripherals
  • Building, testing and modifying prototypes of new products, using working or theoretical models developed with computer simulation
  • Collaborating with engineering staff

Job Titles for Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Design engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Systems integration engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Field service engineer

Salary of a Computer Hardware Engineer

The salary of a computer hardware engineer depends upon experience and the company. Bigger companies usually offer a larger salary.