Fashion Designer Career Course Eligibility Scope Salary

Fashion Designer Career Course Eligibility Scope Salary

Fashion Designing is right for you if you are talented and exude style in everything you do. You must also possess the ability be original and creative and love to make people look good. 

Further, you must be creative enough to combine colours, shades and textures and express your ideas through sketches. You must also visualise new design, patterns, garments and accessories and enjoy working with fabrics and accessories. 

Work Of Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer studies fashion trends and anticipate designs that will appeal to consumers. Designs sketch of clothing, footwear, and accessories. Use computer-aided design programs (CAD) to create designs. Visit manufacturers or trade shows to get fabric samples. Work with other designers or team members to create a prototype design. Present design ideas to the creative director or showcase them in fashion or trade shows. Market designs to clothing retailers or directly to consumers. Oversees the final production of their designs.

Education Needed To Become A Fashion Designer

It is encouraged but not required to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising if you want to become a professional fashion-designer. The extremely talented or extremely dedicated can start off at the bottom of the ladder as a fashion designer and work their way up without a formal degree, but most manufacturers, design firms, and apparel companies look for students with a bachelor’s degree in a fashion-related subject. The reason the degree is important because these programs teach students about art history, textiles and fabrics, design strategies and techniques that include computer-aided design, and business and marketing strategies that help aspiring designers understand the financial side of design as well. 

A formal degree program also allows aspiring designers to earn valuable experience before they enter the workforce and it obviously helps them build a well-rounded portfolio of their design work that usually helps showcase the designer’s ability to potential employers. Schools offering specific fashion design programs have increased dramatically as demand has increased and according to the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, there are more than 300 institutions that offer accredited degree programs in art and design and many of these institutions have specific degree programs in fashion design or fashion merchandising.

Skills To Become A Fashion Designer

Artistic ability. Fashion designers sketch their initial design ideas, which are used later to create prototypes. Consequently, designers must be able to express their vision for the design through illustration.
Communication skills. Fashion designers often work in teams throughout the design process and therefore must be effective in communicating with their team members. For example, they may need to give instructions to sewers regarding how the garment should be constructed.
Computer skills. Fashion designers use technology to design. They must be able to use computer-aided design (CAD) programs and be familiar with graphics editing software.
Creativity. Fashion designers work with a variety of fabrics, shapes, and colors. Their ideas must be unique, functional, and stylish.
Decision-making skills. Because they often work in teams, fashion designers are exposed to many ideas. They must be able to decide which ideas to incorporate into their designs.
Detail oriented. Fashion designers must have a good eye for small differences in color and other details that can make a design successful

Career In Fashion Designing

Those with formal education in fashion design, with excellent portfolios, and with industry experience will have the best job prospects. However, strong competition for jobs is expected because of the large number of people who seek employment as fashion designers and the relatively few positions available.

Experience In Fashion Designing

Companies may be reluctant to consider candidates without previous experience in the industry. Work experience of any kind in a design studio is highly desirable. Experience in retail can be useful too. 

Employers usually expect to see a portfolio that clearly demonstrates your ability to design and produce garments and accessories. 

Salary of a Fashion Designer

Starting salaries in the fashion industry are often low. Salaries vary depending on geographical location and type of employer.
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