Class 11 Geography Notes

Class 11 Geography Notes PDF free download for CBSE NCERT Exam Revision of all chapters.

CBSE Notes for Class 11 Geography PDF

Chapter 1 Geography as a discipline
Chapter 2 The origin and evolution of the earth
Chapter 3 Interior of the earth
Chapter 4 Distribution of oceans and continents
Chapter 5 Minerals and rocks
Chapter 6 Geomorphic process
Chapter 7 Landforms and their evolution
Chapter 8 Composition and structure of the atmosphere
Chapter 9 Solar radiation heat balance and temperature
Chapter 10 Atmospheric circulation and weather system
Chapter 11 Water in the atmosphere
Chapter 12 World climate and climate change
Chapter 13 Water oceans
Chapter 14 Movements of ocean water
Chapter 15 Life on earth
Chapter 16 Biodiversity and conservation
Chapter 17 India location
Chapter 18 Structure and physiography
Chapter 19 Drainage system
Chapter 20 Climate
Chapter 21 Natural vegetation
Chapter 22 Soils
Chapter 23 Natural hazards and disasters

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